This is such a common complaint amongst women, myself included. I used to battle urinary tract infections monthly and they hurt like hell! I’d often be rushing off to the toilet in the office, hoping people hadn’t notice me get up for the 5th time in 30 minutes. I’d finally get to the toilet only to release one agonising drip. If you’ve suffered, you’ll know how un-fun these things are. Thankfully, after realising what my body needed, I’ve never had to suffer that razor blade burn again! There is a God!!

First, let’s understand why we get these nasty infections.

Simply put, these are once again another way your body cries for help. You may have heard me talk about the good and bad bacteria in our gut, well they’re also in our urogenital system. The bacteria responsible for UTI’s is e-coli (yep, disgusting) but it actually lines the colon in many healthy individuals. The good bacteria keep it in check and we don’t have a problem. But, when an imbalance occurs, the bad bacteria begins to thrive. Now this bit is slightly gross, but when we pass a stool, if we have high levels of e-coli in our gut, it’s very easy for these to be transferred to the urethra and vaginal opening. You can guess what happens next, hello UTI!

The good bacteria responsible for keeping e-coli in check is lactobacillus bacteria. These good guys get destroyed through a poor diet; sugar, antibiotics, toxins, refined foods, alcohol, etc. and the next thing we know, we’re battling repeated UTI’s.

You may have tried antibiotics or perhaps this is your method of treatment whenever you’re battling one, but that’s a bad move. Antibiotics devastate our inner eco-system, wiping out big batches of our bacteria, both good and bad. Whilst you may think these work short term, the chances are you will have another infection soon after. The highly concerning thing is that e-coli is quickly becoming resistant to antibiotics. They’re mutating and becoming very aggressive strains. If we keep on fighting them with antibiotics, we’re going to breed a very difficult bacteria to handle. This will leave us battling UTIs for a long time to come.

What should you do?

I want to give you both a short and long term remedy. Anything natural takes time and when you’re in the middle of dealing with a UTI, the last thing you’ve got is time. You need it gone and you need it gone, now! This is my go-to method that has always worked for me;

1 pint of water with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and repeat. I drink 2-3 pints of this and within a couple of hours, it’s gone. This is because apple cider vinegar destroys bad bacteria. However, this is mostly when you get the infection in the early stages. If you act as soon as you start to feel that tell-tale burn, you can save yourself.

If you’re past that, then I would recommend D’Mannose, which you can get HERE. This is a highly concentrated cranberry extract which will remove the bacteria ASAP. You’re at a stage now where fighting it is futile, you need to get it dragged out instead (kicking and fighting I’m sure). It’s best to have some of this in the cupboard ready for your next emergency. Drinking cranberry juice is a popular method, but D-Mannose will get the cranberry sugar (which clings on to the e-coli) in your body in much higher concentrates.

Now, let’s look at the long-term cure. Very simply, you need probiotics. You are running low on good bacteria, particularly lactobacillus, and need to rebalance your gut microbiome. My probiotic of choice is Biokult because it’s a great all rounder and includes the all important lactobacillus. This is the same probiotic that helped me to become UTI free. If you need even quicker action, you can take a two-pronged approach and also use a probiotic designed for the vagina. That way you’re overcoming any other dormant e-coli and meanwhile rebalancing your gut microbiome.

If we treat the cause of our conditions when they occur, we save ourselves from a dangerous path to disease. From recurrent UTIs we get recurrent yeast infections. You’ll often find you’ve got IBS or digestive disorders alongside this. Then you may notice you’re often feeling fatigued. This is how the road to disease begins. Stop it now while you’re only at the front entrance! 🙂

If you want any more information or advice, feel free to email or message me.

Jade, X





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