When we’re in control of the food we’re preparing and cooking, it’s much easier to eat clean and in accordance with promoting health. However, eating out is enjoyable, sociable but also potentially challenging. What is stated on the menu isn’t always the full story, so it can be very difficult to know just how unhealthy the meal we’re choosing really is.

In usual circumstances, we just accept that eating out is going to be unhealthy. But when we’re trying to heal our gut and our health, we don’t want to miss out on social events, but we also don’t want to ruin our diet either. It is possible to do both, by following these 3 tips below;

Stick to poultry and fish

Pork and undercooked red meat are more likely to contain bacteria and parasites, than poultry and fish. When preparing the food yourself you can ensure good hygiene and appropriate cooking, but when left in the hands of others I would prefer to avoid.

Choose raw over cooked food

Finding a restaurant which does amazing salads is hard to come by, but when you do, you’ve found your go-to restaurant. With cooked meals we can’t be sure of the oils cooked, which more often than not, will be the cheap, rancid oils (sunflower, rapeseed). By choosing a salad you can be safe in the knowledge no cheap, nasty oils are used.

Avoid dressings and sauces

This eating out is starting to sound boring, I know, but this is for your health. This isn’t forever, this is just for now. Difficulty but temporary changes are what it takes to get your body fighting fit once again. Even the healthiest described dressings and sauces will likely contain sneaky items like sugar, additives or preservatives. Using just olive oil or asking for a lemon to dress it with instead, will give you some added flavour without spoiling your hard efforts.

I tend to stick with chicken or salmon salad, or jacket potato with vegetable curry, for example. It’s unlikely the meal will fit perfect with your preferences, but you’ve given it your best shot!


Jade, X


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