My Story

My healing Journey

When I’m helping and advising clients, I’m not just doing that from a professional standpoint, but from someone whose walked in those shoes too. I’ve been on my own healing journey and come out the other side. I know the pain, the helplessness, the frustration, the sorrow, the sadness and everything in between. I know how it feels.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but with retrospect, I was sick from the beginning. As a baby I got meningitis and nearly lost my life. As I grew up I hated food and would complain of stomach aches after every meal. I was a nervous, shy and misunderstood child, unable to make eye contact with strangers without feeling extremely uncomfortable. I was on antibiotics every other week due to ear infections. As I got older, my stomach issues got worse. I remember leaving friend’s parties in agony.

Battling cystic acne

Then, my best friend died, who I’d known since nursery. Like a lot of kids, I also went through years of bullying. I ended up spending a lot of my time feeling stressed and anxious, which I didn’t realise was impacting my health. When I turned 18 I used alcohol to fake confidence. A night filled with alcohol would end up with me in the kebab shop and rolling home in the early hours. The late nights, binge drinking and junk food soon started to take their toll. I started to get spots and developed food sensitivities. I couldn’t eat any dairy without having a reaction. My skin would always look red and angry. The spots started to turn into cysts and the cysts became permanent features on my face.

My confidence hit new lows. I didn’t want to go to work, I didn’t date for 3 years, I missed one of my birthday parties and I was so embarrassed by how I looked. I tried to clean up my diet but things just weren’t improving, so eventually, I went to the Doctors. They recommended antibiotics but they didn’t help. Then they recommended the oral contraceptive pill, but that didn’t help either. Then they referred me to a Dermatologist, but he couldn’t help. Then they recommended Roaccutane, but after reading the side effects, I decided the conventional route wasn’t going to be able to help me. They couldn’t even tell me what caused acne, so how could they know how to treat it?

I invested in a Dermatologist who performed external procedures, such as laser treatments, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. At this point the only way to remove the cysts were to cut them open to remove the toxins, which left my cheeks scarred. I then combined my peels and laser treatments with a derma roller to help reduce the depth of the holes in my skin. I did these treatments regularly for 3 years. I was so scared that if I stopped the cysts would quickly return. At the same time I was exploring the internet for answers, trying to understand what had gone so wrong in my body. I learnt a lot but nothing life changing or outside of general dietary guidance. That was until I enrolled the help of an integrative practitioner.

Discovering parasites

I explained my story and immediately their response was; “you have an underlying parasitic and fungal infection”. I’d never heard of parasites in the body before and explained I’d never been to any third world countries, but they remained adamant this was the root cause of my issues. Since I had nothing to lose I decided to embark on this next step in my journey. I followed their protocol and whilst I didn’t completely heal, I made significant progress. I gained more energy, my digestive issues improved and my spots were less frequent. This was enough for me to realise I was on the right path.

I decided to enrol myself onto a course studying Naturopathy. I was tired of trying to piece together the answers and wanted to hear directly from the experts. I also flew out to the U.S. and spoke to various Doctors, learning more and more on the missing puzzle pieces when it came to natural healing. My mind was blown! I realised just how little we all really know. I learned all about toxins, chemicals, environmental pollutants, worms, viruses, yeasts, fungus, bacteria, harmful organisms, terrain theory, the microbiome and gut health, gut wall integrity, inflammation and so much more. I finally began to understand. I could finally connect the dots.

I’d been making a massive mistake. I’d been treating the skin to treat a skin disorder when in fact, it wasn’t my skin that needed the help, it was my WHOLE body. I was toxic. I had parasites. I had inflammation. I was polluted. My gut was leaky. My microbiome was imbalanced. I was in need of a complete body makeover.

Transforming my health

This was when I discovered how to truly heal my body and transform myself from sickness to wellness. The weight I’d been carrying around for so many years was finally lifted and I’d entered the next phase of my life . My healthiest, happiest life and with a completely new mission.

When you’re ill, the only thing you want in the entire world is to be well again. You watch others getting on with their lives and you long for the day you can do those things too. Your life is completely put on hold and you know it’s not fair. The lives of those around you are also impacted and it makes you feel guilty. You can’t show up for them in the way you want to and you wish you could. I’ve felt all of those feelings too, which is why I want to help you. To teach you everything I know and to take you down this healing path. I’ll be your confidant, your friend, your teacher and biggest supporter. I’ll be there for you every step of the way. It’s your turn to heal.

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