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When healing it is absolutely crucial that you only use high quality supplements and products. Many supplements on the market include unnecessary and damaging fillers and preservatives, which can actually result in more harm than good.

The Finchley Clinic (UK)

These are some of the cleanest and most effective products for healing, many of which have been formulated by Functional Medicine Doctors.

Please note these products are in the UK – scroll down below for products in the US.


Superior quality and highly effective essential oils for internal use, diffusing and applying topically.

Make Water Pure (UK)

For cleansing and enemas, using distilled water is a great way to support and enhance your results.

Earthly (US)

A great range of natural herbal remedies and natural skincare products.


Many blue light blocking glasses on the market are not blocking enough of the blue light to improve your health or protect your eyes. BluBlox are the best company I’ve found with scientifically proven products. They are an AUS brand but ship worldwide. They do various styles, just click below to browse their shop.