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I've seriously not felt this good in 6 months. I have way more energy and less neurological symptoms. I even put make-up on today which is huge for me. I've hardly had any pain and my blood pressure is now normal. I feel amazing! My daughter said she hasn't seen me like this since she was 8 - she's now 16. Priceless that comment. She's happy seeing me put my make-up on and my memory is coming back. Imagine spending a lot of money on stem cells and this has been the most effective treatment. People should know that lyme hides in parasites! This is the only thing that has helped with my illness. Thank you Jade!


Thank you so much for being a superstar. Where would we have been if it had not been for your help, support, friendship and being there for my partner. Her life has been a roller coaster from the depths of despair, to now feeling a lot better and a firm belief that, at last, the proverbial ringing of the bell may be in sight. You saved her. You helped when where was no one else to help. You gave her faith and hope when no one else was there. Thank you! You are a rock and make a life changing difference to people!


I am really looking forward to starting part 2 next week and continuing on my healing journey. Part 1 has given me a lot of insight into how my body reacts to foods and by eliminating these, the results were quick to feel. To name only a few, my energy levels are now good, I no longer get afternoon energy slumps, I feel at ease and calmer, and my sleeping is so much deeper. The benefits of doing this programme are long term and will always be a part of me going forward. Working with you gives me the knowledge and confidence to be able to implement cleansing as part of my life. I am so pleased I finally joined the programme after following your page for a long while. This for me, is THE only thing that has had a big impact on my health. Jade, thank you!


I have been feeling great and my symptoms have started to clear up (specifically the rashes on my arms and legs). I've attached photos of before and after, which have about 3 weeks between them. It's crazy to see such a huge difference! 

McKenzie - Week 2

I am feeling a lot better! I've been passing lots of parasites, photos enclosed;

McKenzie - Week 4

What a journey we've been on. Just being on your programme has helped way and above measures I couldn't even start to describe. You are one very special lady and I will be forever indebted to you. You have educated me, supported me the whole way through and I seriously can't thank you enough. You have given me life long knowledge to continue improving my health. Many days I couldn't breathe with such exhaustion and fatigue. I couldn't even climb the stairs. No one could help me, not even medical doctors who we solely rely on for help. I was at my wits end with my conditions, severely deteriorating and rapidly going downhill, until I met you! From the bottom of my heart... thank you!


A few updates for you; I don't have gastritis anymore. I went cold turkey on my PPIs when I started your programme and haven't had to take them again. I'd forgotten what bloating was like on your programme. I feel a lot lighter! I've not crossed the 68kg mark in a long time and now I'm 66-67kg. 

I also did my first pilates class yesterday after 6 months; just a centre and balance session. All I could feel then is grateful to you for bringing me back to wanting to work out again. I feel so much better these days and I'm so thankful to you Jade, for helping me get back here and learning so much! Love you and God bless.

Ritha, Medical Doctor

Look at all this baby hair growing! I'm so so happy! This is where I was losing a lot of hair and was starting to get a bald patch, so I'm so happy to see new hair growth and my hair growing back!

I feel super, super good and motivated to do sport again, since I'm not bloated anymore. I feel better in my clothes! I definitely have more energy, not tired all the time anymore. That was my biggest symptom along with weight gain, and I have lost 3kg since starting the programme.


I was diagnosed with a multi-nodular non-toxic goitre. I was told there was nothing they would look to do as it wasn't cancerous. If it got larger they would surgically remove it, but that was their only advice. It was sometimes difficult to swallow and as it was unsightly, I would often wear roll necks. I decided to look into natural treatments and found Jade. I completed the wellness programme and am delighted to say, that the goitre disappeared!!! I have attached before and after photos;

I told my colonic hydrotherapist about the detox protocol I'm on and the products you've recommended, and she was VERY impressed, which is a great compliment to you. 

Overall, I'm down 5lbs and have way more energy. The puffiness under my eyes is still there but is noticeably better than before starting part 1. My skin is glowing and I'm much feeling happier, thank you!


So far the pain in my back, neck and shoulders has subsided by like 80% - which is amazing! Years of physical therapy haven't been able to do that for me! I've also lost 8lbs, my acne has improved and my bowel movements are pretty much daily now.


The wellness programme is such a wonderful program. If you are not sure if you should do this, stop thinking and do it! I will say this, I saw 3 specialists before doing this program, all who specialized in holistic health/functional medicine. None of them had a program like Jade’s. It really truly is what my body needed and I am thankful I did it. I needed my whole body to be working together to truly cleanse. It’s well planned out, I learned so much while doing it and Jade is always there for you. My brain fog cleared up, skin was glowing, and a lot of GI issues I had got better! She’s a smart lady and she worked very hard at this to help YOU. I think every single person can benefit from this program. Your body will thank you if you do it!


I literally cannot believe the change in my stomach in such little time - and after a lifetime of struggling with bloating, it's very much GONE!!!! Following the nutritional guidance is easier when you know it's working. Everyone is so shook at my results so far! 


I just wanted to share some good news with you! I've just come on my period after coming off the pill. This happened in just 30 days. Last time I came off the pill it took me over 8 months to even start a cycle and I had to undergo various tests as my testosterone level was too high. They diagnosed me with PCOS. For me to start a normal period so quickly is incredible! Thank you so much for all of your help so far!


I'm so impressed with your protocol - and it's affordable! I've been parasite cleansing on and off since June 2019 and have not had results like this!! 

I've also slept two nights in a row without waking up, which is unheard of for me. Someone told me earlier my skin was glowing and I think I've definitely lost some weight too - I feel great!


I've been passing lots of stones from the liver cleanse - wow! Getting these out have made me gain so much energy!

McKenzie - Week 8

I’m really, really happy with the plan. It’s not too difficult and sounds like foods I’ll enjoy. I love the way it’s simple but really informative. I’m so glad I’ve chosen your programme already.


I enjoy everything I’m eating, no difficulties and I’m working out better! I hardly get side stitches when I run now. And starting my day in such a healthy way felt amazing! Really looking forward to doing this over and over. Thank you for keeping me super motivated all the time!


I've gone from constantly feeling exhausted, coming over breathless, always having colds and needing 12-15 hours of sleep just to get through a day at work, let alone training. To now being back at work properly, training 21 hours a week and feeling full of enthusiasm. I cannot thank Jade enough!

Molly, MMA fighter

I am now at the end of Part 2, so just to let you know that all is going well. Now in week 3 of the parasite cleanse and this week I've seen lots of eggs! My bowels are really good. I've longed for continual solid bowels and to have these week in, week out is a good feeling. I'm feeling so good and my energy levels are fantastic! 

My period was also much lighter this month and clotting has reduced considerably, from when I started your programme. This is really significant to me. Thank you so very much Jade, you do amazing work!


It's only been two weeks but already my headaches are gone, face is visibly less red, I have energy all day and I've stopped my depression medication. (I'd been weaning myself off and felt confident to completely stop today). I've been passing parasites too which have stopped my cravings and insatiable hunger! 


I'm so glad I signed up for this programme! In the last few years I've always had a lot of complaints but I've never finished any of my grand "plans" to love myself again. 2 weeks and no cheating so far! It feels good and I feel like I have my willpower back. Thank you for helping me believe in myself again!


I started the 12 week programme at the start of the year and am amazed with the results. I have suffered with Crohn’s disease for the last 10 years, which includes various symptoms, some being fatigue, regular toilet visits and allergic reactions to certain foods. After completing this programme, I have plenty of energy and no longer feel fatigued or rely on caffeine as I once did. The change in diet has done wonders and I no longer crave the bad foods or visit the toilet so regularly. I have successfully reduced my medication and have never felt so good in the last 10 years. I will continue to use parts of the programme going forward. I would highly recommend Jade, she is very supportive, knowledgable and her passion for health is contagious. If you are considering doing the programme I would definitely suggest you go for it, it has given me life changing results! Thank you so much for everything.


After struggling with my skin for many years and trying everything from the pill, antibiotics, LED face masks, intolerance tests etc. etc. and spending endless money on different skincare trying to heal my skin. I spoke with Jade after following her Instagram page about the wellness programme and decided to give it a go in January 2020. I am now halfway through the 6 week parasite cleanse as well as doing a heavy metal detox. Over the last 3 months of being on the programme I have learnt so much about myself as well as health and lifestyle and have Jade to thank for all of this. My energy levels have changed dramatically, I am sleeping better and my skin is definitely on its healing journey. People have commented on my face looking smooth and calm and how healthy I look. This was amazing to hear after always feeling so conscious of it. I am now continuing this as a long term lifestyle and cannot wait to see even more results soon. Thank you so much jade! 🙂 xox 


My bowels are feeling pretty great and have pretty much returned to normal function the last few days. I went from an awful flare-up of my ulcerated colitis, bleeding with every bowel movement, to a dramatic improvement within just the first 2 weeks of the programme. It will probably take a while for me to rebuild but my symptoms are basically gone which is excellent. I'm going to the toilet just once a day now which is awesome, down from eight times. I have a much better quality of life. I’m working on staying focused for the longer term results as well, as if I can stop another flare happening in the future that would be even better. Thank you for all your help Jade!


Hey Jade, thanks for checking up on me. I’m feeling really good, the best time I’ve felt in a long time!! I’m finally losing weight, the scales have been dropping every morning! I can’t believe it, with all the diets I’ve tried nothing was working and now I’m just focusing on my gut health, eating more and enjoying all my meals and the scales are dropping daily!! So yes, I’m feeling great and so so motivated to continue this journey with you. Thank you for everything so far, you really know your stuff!


I’ve been sleeping better and going to the bathroom more regularly. I’ve even had comments that I’ve lost weight as well. That wasn’t the focus but such a bonus!

The biggest thing for me is actually getting a FULL nights sleep and not waking up with gut pain at 3am, unable to get to sleep again! Such a great result!! Thank you x


My skin is clearing! I’ve still got some random pimples but it’s so much better than it was!! Everyone keeps complimenting my skin.

I also passed worms today! I saw some white strings attached but they weren’t moving! I can’t believe what I just saw. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you! Thank you Jade for always making me feel that doing this is possible and that I can keep at it with adjustments when it gets too much. Love you and so grateful to have found you xx


I’m so so glad I’ve done the programme. It’s been hard but I’ve really noticed a difference. I’m going to adopt some of the bits forever! I have lost weight as well, probably 4/5 pounds. My tummy just feels so much less bloated and tender. It's the flattest it's ever been and I feel 10x better!

I really appreciate all of your help and I love your page so much, I tell all of my family and friends about it and give them tips I’ve learnt through you! 


After just a week on the programme I got signs of my period! I hadn’t had a period in about 8 months so that was absolutely amazing!

I can’t believe how quick it’s gone, will definitely be continuing with these new habits! My skin has calmed down massively, less breakouts now than before too. I just wish I took a photo to compare!!


Everything is going better. My chronic headaches have almost stopped, my weight is going down, lost almost 2kg and I’m less bloated so super happy!!


The cleanse is going really well. I have been a little scared to look and see if I passed anything, but my God, I nearly died when I got a glimpse today!!! I woke up with pain in my lower left hand side, which I'm assuming is my colon etc. It didn't ease up until I passed a full blown parasite (worm). I can't believe it!


I am a very happy lady today! I passed liver flukes yesterday and also had what I assume were eggs in my stool. After the liver cleanse I also had a lot of little greyish stones - I was shocked! We are definitely getting there now. Thank you again!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting me on the road to recovery with my gut health and hormone balancing. Having and feeding the boys has put my body under so much stress and out of balance. But I'm starting to feel like myself more and more, and I'm so grateful. Thank you so much! 


I just wanted to let you know that yesterday afternoon, all of a sudden I started feeling like I had energy. This morning I woke up feeling great! I literally cannot remember the last time I've woken up feeling good and awake! My bloat has completely gone down and Ive even managed to lose a couple of pounds which is an additional bonus. I also have a lot less flatulence - the programme is working!! 



Some of the photos clients have sent me when parasite cleansing;


Some of the photos clients have sent me when parasite cleansing;