Chronic pain

The pain in my back and shoulder and neck have subsided by like 80% (which is amazing, years of physical therapy haven’t done that for me!) my back feels tingly sometimes but all the pain has mostly subsided. I’ve lost 8lbs, my acne has improved and my bowel movements are pretty much daily now for the most part!


Gastritis & Acne

I don’t have gastritis anymore. I went cold turkey when I started the programme and haven’t had to take PPIs since. I’d forgotten what bloating was like being on your plan! I feel a LOT lighter. I’ve not crossed the 68kg mark in a long time and now I’m 66-67. I still have occasional break outs but not troublesome like before when I’d have persistent cystic acne every day that never resolved. I also did my first pilates class yesterday after 6 months.. just a centre and balance session, and all I could feel then is grateful to you for bringing me back to wanting to work out again. I feel a lot better these days and I’m so thankful to you Jade for helping me get back here and learning so much 🙂 Love you and God bless!



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I’ve been working with Dean Kirk Nutrition and The Wellness Programme in an attempt to reduce the inflammation in my body from all angles. An MMA nutrition specialist and a gut specialist. I cannot thank or recommend you two enough. The focus has shifted;

  • From what I’m restricted to eat, to what I have to gain from eating the foods my body loves the most – fuelling performance and hydrating effectively
  • From how many lbs I’m weighing, to how strong and healthy my body feels – how I’m performing at training
  • From stressing over how hard my training is and how many hours I miss each week, to how smart I’m training and how effective each hour is.

I’ve gone from basically feeling constantly exhausted, coming over breathless, always having colds and needing 12-15 hours sleep just to get through a day at work, let alone training.. to being back at work properly, training 21 hours a week and feeling full of enthusiasm again!



No more allergies, skins never been so radiant, less bloat.. and learning so much about gut health from you has changed my perspective on everything in life now and I’m so grateful!



What a journey we’ve been on and just being on your programme has helped way and above measures I couldn’t even start to describe. You are one very special wee lady indeed and I will ever be indebted to you. You have educated me, supported me the whole way through this, through thick ‘n’ thin, and I seriously can’t thank you enough. You have given me life long knowledge to keep on continuing to improve my health. It is true what they say that health is your wealth. Many a day I couldn’t breathe with such exhaustion and fatigue , I couldn’t even climb the stairs. I couldn’t walk on my heels and had to tip toe. No one could help, not even medical Doctors, who we solely rely on to get better. I was at my wits end with my condition severely deteriorating and I was rapidly going downhill, until I met YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!



Stubborn weight

Joined The Wellness Programme back in the early days of Jade setting up. All I can say is WOW. I have never felt so amazing and this is all down to following the programme. I struggled with repeat infections and my weight but with this programme it really helped me. Jade is so friendly and so knowledgable and was on hand all the time to answer my questions. If you’re questioning whether to do this programme then the answer is yes!!! Thanks again Jade. xx


This was after 2 days, just from removing the right food sensitivities;



Hi Jade! It’s going really well, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my skin and no tummy pain with less bloating.



Hello, yes everything is going better. My headache is almost gone, my weight is going down, lost almost 2kg and I’m less bloated so super happy!!



I went through a stressful period which was reflecting in my skin. Jade got me on the right diet and protocol, and within just a few weeks, my glowing skin was back. It’s great to have these resources and tools for when I may need them again. Thank you Jade! 




Definitely going to do another comparison of my skin tonight as I think it looks so much better! Fingers crossed pictures show that!! xx