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"The greatest wealth is health" - Virgil

The Finchley Clinic (UK)

These are some of the cleanest and most effective products for healing, many of which have been formulated by Functional Medicine Doctors.

Please note these products are in the UK – scroll down below for products in the US.

Natures Wisdom (UK)

These products are formulated by a team of Naturopaths and Traditional Herbalists, which are the result of over 30 years of trials in their associated clinic.

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Time Health

Carefully sourced ingredients, expertly formulated and leading the way in natural, plant-based nutrition.
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Make Water Pure (UK)

For cleansing and enemas, using distilled water is a great way to support and enhance your results.

Honestly Good Smoothie Company

 A smoothie subscription box that’s made with organic and soil association certified ingredients, delivered to your door in the quantities needed, to enjoy healthy smoothies with no prep work. 

Global Healing (US)

These are some of my favourite products for those of you in the United States.

Mama Lunar (UK)

100% pure organic essential oils, natural non-GMO soy wax & cotton wick, to make vegan, natural and toxin-free candles
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Ancient Purity (UK)

Ancient Purity the home of high quality organic superfoods, supplements & cutting edge health products.

Earthley (US)

A great range of natural herbal remedies and natural skincare products.


Superior quality and highly effective essential oils for internal use, diffusing and applying topically.