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Why constipation can be the start of disease

It all starts with our diet and our environment. Depending what we consume and absorb, depends on the transit time of our stool. When this slows down, faecal matter starts
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How the Wellness Programme works

In the Wellness Programme we put you on an alkalising, anti-inflammatory diet, high in nutrition and without any food sensitivities. We focus on feeding the body with probiotics and reducing
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Colon cleansing

When I talk about colon cleansing I often find there’s two types of people; those that are completely grossed out by the very idea of it and those that are
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How to achieve healthy hair

It’s the opposite to what most people think. It doesn’t involve hairdresser endorsed hair products, it doesn’t involve regular hair masks or trimming those “split ends” and it doesn’t involve
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Liver cleansing

Our liver is one of our biggest organs and carries out over 500 essential tasks in the body – wow! The liver converts the nutrients from our food into materials
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