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Why constipation can be the start of disease

It all starts with our diet and our environment. Depending what we consume and absorb, depends on the transit time of our stool. When this slows down, faecal matter starts
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How the Wellness Programme works

In the Wellness Programme we put you on an alkalising, anti-inflammatory diet, high in nutrition and without any food sensitivities. We focus on feeding the body with probiotics and reducing
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The Truth About Cancer, Anaheim, October 2019

As many of you will know, I went to the 3 day TTAC event with my mum, in Anaheim, LA on 11th-13th October. Simply put, it was incredible! The knowledge
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Mindset for healing

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, all stem from us and are all within our control. When we let these manifest or
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The real cause of your acne

This was something I longed to know for many years. Doctors couldn’t tell me and even Dermatologists couldn’t tell me. I still remember the words now; “some people get acne,
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