The Detox Academy

teaching you how to self-heal using the power of detoxification

Welcome to the online membership and community that brings the very best in detoxification.

The Detox Academy provides the exact protocols and education you need to cleanse your body, strengthen your immune system and improve your health, in a way that fits around your lifestyle!


“From chronic PMDD symptoms, depression, anxiety, suicidal rage, pain, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, candida and so much more… to getting to the root cause of these symptoms and healing myself naturally.

I am so beyond grateful that I came across this way of healing. Western culture has lost these very important ways of living and detoxing, and it’s up to us to bring this back and remember.”

– Sarah, member

All The Tools You Need To Detoxify Your Body, Heal Your Gut & Take Back Your Health

We are bombarded with toxins, chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, synthetic ingredients and more, on a daily basis. Whilst we’re equipped with our own detox pathways and eliminatory organs, they were never designed to cope with the levels of exposure we see today. 

We are living in the most polluted time in history. Over 99% of people have forever chemicals found in their blood. The umbilical cords of babies have been shown to have 200+ chemicals present. Rates of chronic illness are increasing in every generation.  

We are doing something seriously wrong. It’s time to step in and take responsibility for our health, if we have any chance of keeping ourselves healthy.

I had to learn this the hard way. My body was at breaking point – with chronic cystic acne, repeat UTIs, IBS, ear infections, fatigue and anxiety. 

Detoxification saved me and transformed my body quicker than any other modality I tried. 

Now I want to teach you how to do the same.

What’s Included In The Detox Academy

Over 160 Educational Lessons

Jade teaches you the important areas of detoxification, such as supporting drainage, opening detox pathways, laying the foundations and supporting your gut.

The Healing Through Detox Roadmap

We lay out the correct order to detox so that you can implement this safely and effectively, to achieve your health goals.

Implement At Home Detox Protocols

These include protocols ranging from beginner to advanced, for the colon, kidneys, liver, parasites, heavy metals, skin, lungs and more.

Weekly Facebook Lives

Jade goes LIVE every single week to answer your personal questions to give you the tailored responses needed to create your unique journey.

Facebook Community 

A community of support from fellow members alongside our Head Coach Ellie, who is on hand to answer your questions on a daily basis.

Additional Resources

We have planners, tutorials, checklists, recipes, meals plans and more, to help make your journey to better health as easy and practical as possible.

Monthly Masterclasses

We deep dive into topics and areas of health & healing, to broaden your knowledge, help you gain clarity and to enable you to become your own self-healer.

Guest Experts

We source some of the most inspiring people on the internet to deliver teachings, practices and insights in their specialist area.

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The Detox Academy is for you if…


  • You have a chronic health issue or stubborn symptoms and you’re ready to do the work to bring your body back into balance
  • You are overwhelmed by all of the detox and gut healing information online and would love a simplified and practical way to implement practices and advice
  • You want to protect yourself from the daily exposure of toxins and pollutants, but are unsure how to get started or how to safely implement detoxification protocols as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • You know you need accountability and support when it comes to improving and maintaining your health. The ability to access 2 health professionals and a community of likeminded individuals is exactly what will enable you to take your health to the next level


The Academy Curriculum

Module One: Introduction

  • The order of detox
  • How to plan your journey
  • Tailor your detox roadmap (demo)
  • The role of epigenetics
  • When to test and tests I recommend
  • Mindset for success
  • Master supplement list for recommended products

Module Two: Foundations

  • Start with the foundations

  • Minerals

  • Nutrition

  • Your environment

  • Clean water

  • A morning routine

  • Daily movement (or sweat)

  • Drainage

  • Sleep

Module Three: Gut Support

  • It all starts in the gut

  • Phase 1 of gut healing
  • Food intolerances, SBOs, probiotics, hydrochloric acid & digestive enzymes

  • Phase 2 of gut healing

  • Food diaries, prebiotics, collagen & herbs 

  • Fermented foods and recipes

  • Treating SIBO

Module Four: Detox Support

  • Implement the right support

  • Daily bowel movements

  • The lymphatic system

  • The role of plants

  • The role of fats

  • Liver support

  • Binders

  • Linseed tea (for a healing crisis)

  • The lymphatic flush (extra TLC)

Module Five: Colon Cleansing

  • Why we must colon cleanse

  • A gentle flaxseed/linseed cleanse

  • Salt water flush

  • Enema tutorial + recipes

  • Oxy powder cleanse

  • Epsom salt cleanse

  • Castor oil cleanse

  • What is mucoid plaque?

  • Mucoid plaque detox #1

  • Mucoid plaque detox #2 

Module Six: Kidney Cleansing

  • Why we kidney cleanse
  • Breaking down kidney stones
  • Watermelon fast
  • Vegetable juicing
  • Kidney cleanse protocol
  • Herbal tonic
  • The adrenals
  • Adrenal nourishing tonics

    Module Seven: Liver Prep & Cleansing

    • Why we liver cleanse

    • Break down liver stones and gallstones

    • Castor oil packs

    • Coffee enemas

    • Global Healing liver cleanse
    • Ayurvedic raisin cleanse

    • Andrea Moritz liver flush

    Module Eight: Parasite Cleansing

    • Why we parasite cleanse

    • Why I don’t recommend pharmaceuticals (like Ivermectin)

    • The anti-parasitic tea

    • The garlic cleanse

    • Diatomaceous Earth

    • Black walnut & wormwood

    • Anti-parasitic suppositories

    • Anti-parasitic enema protocols

    • The candida clearer

    • Turpentine
    • The 21 day parasite cleansing protocol

    Module Nine: Heavy Metals

    • Why we need to heavy metal detox

    • Minerals & metals: the connection

    • Detox through the feet

    • Binder cocktail

    Module Ten: Detox Through The Breath

    • The power of the breath

    • Introduction to breathwork

    • Relaxing and de-stressing technique

    • Deep sleep technique

    • Focusing the mind technique

    • Boosting creativity technique 

    • Deep meditation technique

    • The healing breath

    Module Eleven: Additional Modalities

    • Yoga flow #1, morning routine

    • Yoga flow #2, evening routine

    • Yoga flow #3, evening routine 

    • Clearing sinuses

    • Nebulising for the lungs

    • Balneotherapy

    • Covid vaccine detox #1

    • Covid vaccine detox #2

    • Womb cleansing
    • Armpit detox

    Module Twelve: Other Resources

    • 60+ healthy recipes; gut healing & anti-inflammatory

    • Blood sugar regulation

    • Sneaky ingredients to avoid

    • Brain boosting add-ons

    • Making your own sourdough

    • The root cause healing webinar

    • The parasite cleansing workshop

    • The full moon parasite cleanse

    Lisa’s Incredible Results…

    The Detox Academy Investment


    Joining the academy provides you access to 150+ videos, protocols, tutorials & exercises to learn how to detoxify your body and heal your gut, which enables you to start taking back your health!


    Instead of paying the high price of 1:1 or group coaching, the academy allows you to start healing for just a fraction of the cost. Each module has been designed to give you the education you need whilst not being overwhelming, and structuring it in a way that allows you to fit this around any lifestyle. 


    This is your chance to learn how to detox properly, safely and in a way that skyrockets your healing experience. With access to not one, but TWO health professionals, you will be closely supported, encouraged and held accountable along the way.

    The Detox Academy



    Educational training on healing through advanced detoxification practices and gut healing, including the fundamental, foundational and supporting pieces (£3000 VALUE)

    Protocols, tutorials, roadmaps and workshops, designed to radically transform the health of your body (£1900 VALUE)

    A community of support in the Facebook group, from members and Ellie (our Head Coach), PLUS Jade’s weekly LIVES answering your specific questions (£699 VALUE)

    The Breathwork Series, yoga practices, educational talks, tools and techniques shared by guest experts (£1000 VALUE)



    Actual price – Only £99/Month!


    Are You Ready To Get Started?