The Wellness Programme is designed to get you feeling well and staying well, by taking you on a complete journey to better health.

As your Health & Wellness Coach I will be your biggest supporter, valued advisor and leading you down a path of true, vibrant health. Together we’ll overcome health conditions, improve your self confidence and make you feel amazing!

This Programme is right for you if;

  • You want to feel better but no matter how hard you seem to try, nothing works
  • You’re fed up of missing out and your persistent symptoms are getting you down
  • You’re frustrated that your Doctor can’t give you the answers you need
  • You’re tired of researching and trialling diets, you just want the answers to get better NOW
  • You want to lead a healthy lifestyle but you know you need some support along the way
  • You want a simple yet highly effective programme that can work for you whilst fitting into your busy life
  • You want to work with someone who has been in your shoes, can truly empathise and genuinely cares

If any of those points resonated with you, then this is the programme for you!

So what exactly does the programme entail?

You will start your journey by completing a thorough and detailed health assessment. This is your opportunity to tell me all about you and your health conditions. Once I’ve received this I can get to work creating your personalised nutrition plan.

Meanwhile, you will work through the mindset pack to prepare yourself for success, set your goals and then begin your health journey by following the 7 day detox plan. You will also be added to The Wellness Community where you’ll meet many amazing and likeminded women who are also on this journey with you. Together you will support, help and encourage each other to take your health to new heights.

Whilst on your tailored plan, you will not only have the support from the group to help you, but you will also have access to all of my health enhancing packs. Whether you want to know how to stay healthy on holiday, guidance on eating out or stay inspired through creative recipes, you will find all of this and more in ‘The Wellness Programme’.

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