Are you tired of searching through conflicting articles on how to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Are you fed up of trialling diet after diet, hoping that the next one will finally give you the results you crave?

Are you conscious of your health but struggle to make long term changes?

I’ve spent almost 10 years studying and researching, trying to find the answers. I then decided to seek a professional qualification where I could obtain factual and supported information, backed by studies published on PubMed. That same information I’m sharing on my programme to help others like me, overcome their conditions and live the life they deserve.

Not only that, but I provide a place where women can feel supported and understood, in a network of women who can truly empathise with each other and offer their own experiences.

This is what you can expect to find in The Wellness Programme;

Good nutrition

  • Introduction video – why good nutrition is paramount for a healthy lifestyle
  • A detailed and thorough health assessment
  • 7 day detox – to get you started on your journey to better health
  • A personalised nutrition plan – because no one person is the same
  • Good gut guide – to help those with digestive issues
  • Social guide – guidance on eating out and socialising
  • Ingredients de-coder – to help you decide which supermarket items are really the healthiest
  • The “easy-wins” guide – swapping everyday products to optimise your health
  • Shopping list – to help get you started
  • 25 recipe bundle
  • Smoothie cocktail menu
  • Food diary plan
  • Weekly meal planner

New guides and information are added regularly to keep meeting your wants and needs.


Stress management

  • Introduction video – explaining the impact of stress on the body
  • Stress assessment – how stressed are you?
  • Stress management tools – learn which techniques you can apply to your life to manage stress
  • The importance of sleep – how to maximise the quality of your sleep
  • Nutrition – which foods can help your body through stressful periods


Our environment

  • Introduction video – how our environment impacts on our health
  • Organic food – is this really any better than conventional food?
  • Toxins – learn which products are currently detrimenting your health and how to prevent this
  • Toxins around the home
  • What you should know about the food groups


Your mindset

  • Introduction video – how your mindset can be preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Daily exercises – to improve your mindset
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Goal setting and creating focus
  • Behavioural adaptations
  • Coming to terms with illness


And now on to The Health Community…

The Health Community (on Facebook)

On top of all of the above health enhancing packs and information, you will also be part of a supportive community of likeminded women, all on the same mission. Within the group you will also find the following;

  • Recipe videos to keep you inspired
  • Yoga and meditation videos
  • De-stress techniques
  • Mindset exercises
  • Motivational posts
  • Videos
  • Top Tips
  • Ability to post your questions at any time
  • A place to make new friends who share your values
  • A place of support and encouragement

Heard enough?

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