Many of you have reached out concerned about the looming vaccine. You’re seeing developments around the world and things aren’t looking good. You’re seeing through all of the inflated figures, the media scare tactics and nonsensical health “advice”. You’re watching our rights be removed, tactics being used to divide the population and humanity being manipulated scarily easily. You’re keeping your ears closed to “the new normal”, “for your own safety” and “the greater good”, already aware of their programming techniques. But what else can you do?  

For those of you that may not know, it’s worth saying that vaccines are a billion dollar industry and are the only pharmaceutical product which comes with zero liability. That means if you get permanently injured by a vaccine and can’t work, you are not able to sue or seek damages from the vaccine manufacturer. Simply put, you’re on your own. Vaccines also aren’t tested using the gold standard double blinded placebo study criteria, like other pharmaceutical products. Therefore, there’s limited (botched) safety studies and zero liability tied to them… what could possibly go wrong? This vaccine in particular has bypassed the all important animal studies too and skipped straight to humans, making us human guinea-pigs. 

The quickest vaccine ever created was done so in seven years, but they usually take 1-2 DECADES… this has so far been five months and they are nearing a finished product. Warning bells anyone?! If Australia is anything to go by, other countries could start experiencing the same mandate push. This is reinforced by Bill Gates publicly stating that we need to vaccinate at least 95% of the population for the vaccine to be “effective”. 

With that said, they cannot physically force anyone to take a vaccine, but what they CAN do is make it extremely difficult to return to normal life without one. As the articles above suggest, without a vaccine we may struggle to return to work, fly internationally, eat out at restaurants, receive any benefits and it prevents our children from returning to school, college and University. Whilst I’m aware that media outlets sensationalise, I had pre-warning of this back in October 2019 at The Truth about Cancer event. Dr Sherri Tenpenny has also been personally warning us about global mandated vaccinations and ID 2020 for years.

There is power with the people, we just don’t realise it. This is why they continue to use divide and conquer tactics, discredit professionals speaking out against the narrative and have tech giants censoring truth. But people are waking up. Will we wake up and rise up in time? We’ll see, but for now, all we can do is prepare.

If you rely on a job, on the food supply, on the education system (who doesn’t?) then they may use that to their advantage. Our mission is to become self sufficient as much as possible, as quickly as possible. You don’t have to survive this way forever, just long enough for enough people to realise the damaging effects of the vaccine. Vaccines already maim and kill thousands of people every year, so I dread to think the level of damage a vaccine created in a matter of months will cause. 

It’s highly likely a “second wave” will occur resulting in a second lockdown. This will be blamed on people being irresponsible, travelling, going to beaches during the Summer, refusing to wear masks, etc. This isn’t true. The second lockdown was planned all along. If we went back to normal, no one would get the vaccine… As we get hit with Winter and the flu, pnuemonia and other respiratory illnesses that happen every Winter, these will all be labelled COVID and the figures will skyrocket. This will be used as justification to maintain an extended lockdown until the vaccine has arrived. 

With the economy already struggling, many businesses on the brink, people mentally struggling, thousands of jobs already lost, the currency devaluing every day… a second lockdown could be the nail in the coffin. There could be very difficult times ahead and if so, we need to be prepared for what may come.

Here is my advice on “surviving COVID” and the next lockdown;

The first thing you must do is become totally awake to what’s really going on (if you haven’t already). The media will be going all out during this next wave and you need to be able to see through the lies. Check out the following resources which have summarised the key events well;

Step two is to have enough food for 3-6 months. Food supply chains are already being effected in the US; blamed on COVID outbreaks at farms, factories and across animal breeds, leading to closures and mass slaughtering. Farmers have spoken out on social media accusing authorities of purposely closing their facilities which have no issues at all. A second lockdown could severely disrupt these delicate chains and leave many without food. It’s better to be prepared by storing tinned goods, frozen foods and/or starting that vegetable patch you’ve been thinking about. We should also consider water, electricity and forms of protection. Who knows how desperate the situation may become. The time is now. 

Step three is to safeguard yourself as best as you can against the impending economic downturn. Many more people will lose jobs and many more businesses will close, but it’s never been easier to set up an online business. Pick your passion or find an interest and start posting on Instagram. Enrol on an online course, gain a new qualification and start preparing to earn an alternative form of income. All forms of coaching are popular online.At the same time, invest the money you do have wisely. The economy is being propped up by stimulus cheques and money printing. All this does is devalue the currency and make our own money become more and more worthless. At the same time, the recession is going to lead to inflated prices which will mean the cost of living will increase. This combination means a reduction in our wealth.

Interestingly you may have noticed that during this “pandemic”, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk and other billionaires, have all seen their wealth INCREASE. Whilst McDonalds, Walmart and Amazon stay open, businesses of our friends and family are forced to stay closed, with many already out of business permanently. The greatest impact is going to be on the working class and unless we take proactive action, we may find ourselves in financial difficulty. Therefore, it’s best we invest our money if we want to preserve our wealth. For financial advice, which we’ve never been taught in schools (and not by accident) the best resources are;

  • Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
  • Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante)
  • Mike Maloney (GoldSilver)

Each have numerous YouTube videos, books and websites, all with endless free resources to help you gain financial knowledge, fast. 

Step four is to get yourself as healthy as you can. A healthy person has the energy, strength and commitment to go against the tide and stand fierce. With people all around you soon to be injected with an experimental vaccine, don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Build up your immune system, heal your gut and become resilient to the challenges ahead. There are many ways to do this but of course, I would recommend my own Wellness Programme to take you to the next level of health. With chemical trails polluting the sky, chemicals in our food and water supply, being influenced to live life in fear from all media outlets and other brainwashed individuals, and soon 5G which reacts to heavy meals in the body, it’s never been more important to detox and heal yourself. Detox from toxins, parasites, heavy metals and more. This is the best way to regain health in the body, which alters the internal terrain and prevents germs from being able to take hold in the body. The power is all yours. Sign up here to get started;

Finally, step five is to surround yourself with like-minded people. We are in this together and although it may sometimes feel like it, you are not alone. There are great communities on Telegram which is an uncensored platform, meaning we can talk freely and openly about the various agendas at play. I would recommend the following;

I hope this information is helpful. I want everyone as informed as they can be for what MAY lie ahead. I hope none of this is necessary, but if it is, I want you to at least have had a heads up!

Stay healthy, stay happy and stay informed. As always, any questions please just reach out.

Speak soon,
Jade X 

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